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Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the clients we serve and of all those we work with. From carrying out our responsibilities beyond what is expected to remaining committed to a project from start to finish, we endeavor to make a positive impact on everything we do.

We are a company focused on meeting client's needs promptly and where the level of service, and quality, exceeds our client's expectations.

We are a company where all employees are trained to do their jobs well and make good decisions on their own, without hesitation.

At Corey Robbins, our employees have a sense of pride and are motivated to complete projects successfully and professionally with one goal in mind: to please you, our customer.

Meet The Team

Corey has provided pragmatic leadership for the company since its founding in 1973, guiding its growth into one of the Southern Oregon’s largest painting firms.

He has created a family-oriented culture that allows people to be flexible and independent while performing their jobs. Employees are empowered to take ownership and pride in their work and to make good decisions which will benefit the needs of our clients.

Corey’s many years of experience help to assure customers receive the best procedures and processes for enhancing, protecting, and maintaining their business establishments, institutional facilities, and construction projects.

Kevin has a passion for serving customers well and he takes the necessary steps on a daily basis to ensure that their needs are met. He manages daily operations to ensure that projects are completed according to specifications and in a timely manner.
Additionally, he helps to ensures the level of quality our company is known for.

Kevin is a central point of contact between customers, suppliers, staff, and our field personnel, a challenging job that requires balancing many interests in order to deliver a successful project. With over 30 years at Corey Robbins he has the experience as well as the problem solving skills to assist in bringing those interests together for the mutual benefit of all. It is not uncommon for our customers to tell us that our "company goes beyond the call of duty" and that our “people are a pleasure to be around.”

Jeff specializes in commercial projects including new construction, tenant improvements, and interior and exterior painting of existing commercial structures. He brings over 27 years of experience in the industry to his role of helping to meet client’s needs.

He enjoys working with contractors, building owners, and facility managers to find solutions for their varied and sometimes unique requirements and circumstances.

He can provide estimates on a wide range  of interior and exterior painting services as well as estimates for water repellents, damp proofing, caulking, sealants, wall-coverings, and acoustical panels.

Utilizing a standardized estimating procedure means Jeff can consistently produce accurate estimates meeting clients’ requirements for cost, quality, and timeliness.

Gary has 25 years of construction experience, which includes 10 years in the industrial, commercial, painting and coating industry. Gary has been with Corey Robbins Painting Company since 2017, and continues to be an important asset to the company. 

Having an extensive amount of experience in public works construction, local, state and federal government construction projects, Gary has been involved with some of the biggest projects the company has ever seen. Gary has the ability to provide estimates for both interior and exterior projects, and can provide accurate estimates to meet our client's standards and requirements.


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